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1) You must have a GameBattles account.

2) If we start losing a lot of matches your Squad Leader will have the option to start cutting people based on practices and/or performance. Practices are every Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm EST and last two hours. (No practice on Federal American Holidays)

3) Never curse or use foul language.

4) Never "Tea-Bag".

5) Never leave a team-mate who is in final stand or second chance.

6) Do not team kill.

7) ALWAYS respect your team-mates and your enemies.

8) NEVER quit and leave your team to fight without you.

9) Remain professional and calm in all situations. You need to remain "cool, calm, and collected" at all times.

10) You must be 15 years old or older to join.

You are seen not only as a member of our team but a representative inside and outside X-Box LIVE games.



      Tournament Team has a don't ask, don't tell policy. You are not allowed to disclose your sexuality to anyone in the clan regardless of whether you are straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, or otherwise. Failure to abide by this policy will result in a review by the Board of Tournament Leaders and possible banning from the clan.


      A. If you do not meet a 'Standard Performance Quota' of 200 kills a week, you risk being trimmed out of the clan. If you fail to reach the quota you will be recommended for disciplinary action to the Board of Tournament Leaders. The Board of Tournament Leaders may decide it would be in the clan's best interest to kick you. However ALL YOU PAST PERFORMANCE WILL BE EVALUATED.

      B. If you fail to join the GameBattles clan within 72 hours after being accepted into the clan, you will be removed from the roster. (EFFECTIVE 12/01/2011 - ADDED 11/29/11 - by: GMR 4 KRIST)


     If the press contacts you regarding the clan, clan operations, or anything regarding the clan or tournaments the clan is a part of DO NOT ANSWER ANY OF THEIR QUESTIONS! Send them to the Press Relations Officer, who is currently Clayton Ballentine (sergeantballentine.usarmy[at] Anyone caught doing an interview with the press will be banned and their winnings will be forfeited. Your winnings will automatically be split among your team-mates should you get kicked before, during, or after you are involved in any tournaments with the clan.


    Tournament Team encourages social activity within the ranks, should you become romantically or sexually involved with one of the people in your squad, you MUST tell the commander that you need to be transferred to a new squad. Anyone who fails to notify the commander about being transferred will risk being kicked or banned from the clan. We do this to prevent favoritism, there is nothing wrong with being romantically/sexually active with someone in your own squad. BECOMING ROMANTICALLY ACTIVE OR SEXUALLY ACTIVE WITH A SQUAD MEMBER DOES NOT VIOLATE THE DADT POLICY LISTED ABOVE!


     Tournament Team does not spam you, or sale your e-mail address, gamertag or any other information. Your squad leader will get all your information. If you feel your squad leader has given away your information, contact the Commander ASAP. An investigation will be launched. If the squad leader is found to be selling or giving away your information they will be banned and you will be relocated to another squad.


    When Tournament Team host a tournament in your local town, the entry fee is $10.00 and the winner wins 50% the money from the event, Tournament Team members are allowed to participate in the tournaments hosted by Tournament Team. 75 lucky participants will win a Tournament Team car magnet or sticker. All participants in the tournament must be 17 or older unless accompanied by a trusted adult over the age of 21. All members of the military get in the tournament for free, with military ID. Press also get in free with the showing of a press pass. Anyone caught with a false photo ID, Military ID, or Press Pass will be banned from the event(s) and law enforcement will be notified, and charges will be filed. A modded controller of any type will not be allowed at the tournaments. Anyone caught with a modded controller will be kicked from the event and will not be allowed back. When a person is banned from an event the following information must be recorded:

Name (First, Middle, Last)


Date of Birth

Driver's License Number


    Anyone banned or kicked from the event will NOT receive a refund for their entry. If there is a team tournament, the teams must have the same members the entire time of the tournaments, switching out members or losing a member automatically disqualifies you from the team tournament. Any team/individual being loud and/or disorderly will be asked to leave, refusal to do so will result in law enforcement being contacted and you will be forcibly removed from the premisses. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed at tournaments. Weapons (including knives) are prohibited. Any concealed handguns must be registered at the entrance to the event, and you must show your Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) DO NOT UN-HOLSTER YOUR WEAPON DURING THE EVENT UNLESS YOU ARE IN A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION, ANYONE CAUGHT WITH THEIR WEAPON UN-HOLSTERED DURING THE EVENT WILL BE BANNED AND LAW ENFORCEMENT CONTACTED. Off duty law enforcement officers attending the event are allowed to bring the following only:


Police ID

Pepper Spray




Extra Magazines For the Pistol

Body Armor

    If you prefer you may bring these items on your duty belt as long at your badge and/or police ID is hanging around your neck in plain sight. If a person claims they were given free access to the event by the organizer, they must show documentation showing they are allowed to get in for free. Any false letters will taken and the person possessing them will be banned from the event, law enforcement will be contacted and the presenter of the false letter will be charged. Rules of the building the tournament is being hosted in must be followed at all times, and conflicts between our rules and the buildings rules will be settled by the buildings rules over-riding our rules. Anyone caught fighting will be arrested and charged. Any money not given away as a reward will be used to pay event staff, and to buy more prizes in the future.